What Do You Think Of Erica Mena’s “Fantasy” Song?

Everything is about perfect timing and after her recent throwdown with fellow video  vixen, Kimbella, on VH1′s Love and Hip Hop, what better timing than this? But for a song? What I personally think? She’s a pretty girl that should stick to modeling and acting. The singing thing can’t be for her if this is what she sounds like. She sounds like a knock off Jenny from the block and even though I loooove J.Lo, she doesn’t have the best vocal abilities when it comes to singing. Maybe she’ll sound better live? I doubt it. I’d rather see her in fashion spreads and on Love and Hip Hop.  Listen to it on Karen Civil.

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  • notnamed

    It isnt as bad as people try 2 make it…. its ok but i wouldnt say great….. well i think its great she is doin what she wants n just doin her n doin her thing….

  • erica mena is a wack singer

    this is wack and out of tune please stick to modeling if that is what you call it cause you can not sing and even auto tunes ain’t helping you.