Trina Feat. Kid Cadet & Vinny Venditto- “Outer Space” [MP3]

Whoah! @TrinaRockstarr on a fistpumpable dance track?! I’m floored. It’s the first taste of her upcoming album. The diamond princess is forever reinventing herself and I can’t get mad, she’s still standing and relevant while a lot of female artists aren’t. I have to be honest I like the track without Trina on some parts due to the fact that her voice sounds like it adds a tad of ratchet to the song. Some Trina fans are going to have a Nicki Minaj Barbs fan moment with confusion from this drastic jump of genres by The Baddesst Bitch. Now what I will say I’m totally looking forward to is what she does with the video for this song. It better be totally effing dope and full of friggin energy!!!!! *hair flip* 

Source: Karen Civil.

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