The Sports Bros.: NBA Season In Peril

@TheSportsBros So now NBA commissioner David Stern has warned us that the traditional Christmas day games may be lost due to the lockout. Okay this is the last straw ! Is it not the American way to unwrap the presents early in the am on December 25th, exchange pleasantries with family and friends throughout the day and then settle in about 5 o clock in the afternoon for some Christmas day hoops? This lockout stuff has gone on long enough, already the season’s first two weeks has been lost with more certainly to come. Of course this also sucks for the Miami Heat fan eagerly anticipating year two of the big three. Coming off the disheartening loss in last season’s NBA finals, all Heat fans are surely ready to see the guys get going on their run to redemption. Without a doubt the NBA’s most entertaining and talented team, Heat fans want to see these guys on the floor dunking basketballs and opponents alike before its all gone as the cliché says time waits on no one.

Furthermore, one has to wonder if the NBA and the Players assosciation are making
a grave mistake in thinking this will not leave a sour taste in the mouths of fans. Sure the
NFL went through their thing but fans flocked right back to the stadiums, and scooped up
valuable merchandise as if nothing happened. The NBA does not have that assurance that
Joe Fan will not get ticked off and take his much needed dollars home with him. Football
is king, period. Basketball ? Well not so much and both sides of this labor battle need
to recognize this and work something out quickly. We would rather not bore you with
all the intimate details of what’s on the table but instead stress the importance that this
lockout ends sooner than later. Since Oct. 11—the day after the cancellation of the first
two weeks of the regular season—we’ve heard more yapping by commissioner David
Stern (on every broadcast outlet except, maybe, the TV Guide Channel) and the players
(during the clumsiest Twitter campaign in the medium’s brief history. Enough already
seriously folks, the time has come and passed to end this.

Union rep Derek Fisher said recently of Stern’s Christmas Day declaration “If someone’s
pointing a gun at my head, I’m going to point one back at him.”

Clearly, insinuating that he backs down from no one not even the big bad commish,
where is Gilbert Arenas when you need him?

So while all the posturing and jockeying for position continues, the verbal insults go back
and forth and the fans are once again the losers. There is no real indication that anyone
will rationally consider the other sides views and maybe we can see some fast breaks and
alley oops, just a lot of heated exchanges and no real solutions.

So here we are with no NBA basketball on the horizon. And that raises a question that
has been asked of both sides since long before the lockout officially began, and asked
of each other as time has dragged on and both sides have become more stubbornly
entrenched in these futile negotiations. Is this about finding common ground with each
other or is this a battle of seeing who flinches first? Regardless, at the rate they are going
they may be well on their way to alienating their fans and in that game, nobody wins.

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