Shemar Moore Looks Yummy On South Beach!

Okay so maybe he was having a rough night when I saw him at KOD the other Monday because gawsh narnit. The man is looking hella yummy and tan on South Beach with his shirt off.  I wouldn’t mind watching him work out.  He’s gorgeous and that damn muscle definition….. What is there more to say? He’s one fine ass 41 year old bachelor. I’m sure the gays and the girls were enjoying the view while he enjoyed the beach.

P.S. Is that a tramp stamp back there, Shemar?

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  • Jim

    I think Shemar is my hero. As a biracial male, I can identify with his blackness and manliness.
    He is a great actor, and I wathched him as I watched Soul Train many years ago. Great black male role model for me and other bruthas.