Rihanna Perfoms “California King Bed” On American Idol

Now ya’ll know I love @Rihanna but her vocals during her live performances kill me. This might have been one of her better ones vocally though. Might! She performed one of her more mellow tracks, “California King Bed”, off of her LOUD album for American Idol. I love her fiesty red hair. I would do it to mine but every chick in the hood has already followed the trend so I’ll pass.

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  • http://twitter.com/Kahari101 Kahari

    You think that you did bad? Hmph, as a fan of her material and not her live performances, I would have to disagree and say that this is one of her better live performances from the effervescent mannequin known as Rihanna. Though she still has those moments of growling vibrato, she surpassed my ear’s expectations. She definitely up her vocals. Queen Beyoncé MUST be coaching her. The Queen is coming,and everybody is on their best vocal game. Even Ke$sha. Hee-hee