Karina Bradley – ‘Madam President’ [Mixtape]

@SynergyRecords artist @KarinaBradley hosted by @PapooseOnline @DjDiamondsKuts. Sooooo……I was wondering who was this “white girl” plastered all over Dat Piff today. I didn’t want to be ignorant and not give her a chance solely based on the fact that she was a blonde white Barbie looking white girl with a mixtape on DatPiff. Mannnn, I listened to this mixtape and almost shot myself in the ears after. I don’t think there was one song that didn’t use autotune on her voice. This reminded me of when Kim Kardashian put that track out except that it’s a WHOLE MIXTAPE instead one song. Papoose must be trying to send Remy that commissary money to have attached his name to this mess. Whoever’s behind Synergy Records must have money to blow…….

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