J. NicS – “Southern Niggas Ain’t Slow: The Tribute” [Mixtape]

@Jnics305 The first in a two-mixtape series showcasing the emcee’s influences as well as his original work, the project finds NICS paying homage to his roots by rhyming over the instrumentals from 16 Southern classics. Included are previously-leaked, reader-approved cuts “Till Death” and “From the South.”

NICS flies solo throughout The Tribute, flowing over classic beats by Mr. Lee, Master P, DJ Premier, Pimp C and many more! Watch for Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow – The Product, featuring all-original production, to drop in 2012.


01. From the South [prod. Mr.Lee]
02. Ice Cream Man [prod. Master P]
03. Last Skraw [prod. Mr.Vibe]
04. Till Death [prod. Mr.Lee]
05. Ashtray [prod. DJ Premier]
06. PBM [prod. T-Mix]
07. Swangin’ [prod. Sean Jemisson]
08. Sunny Sunday [prod. K-Lou]
09. Don’t Dance [prod. Organized Noize]
10. Still Buckin [prod. Organized Noize]
11. Exception [prod. Carl Moe]
12. The Bathroom [prod. DJ Paul & Juicy J]
13. Talk IT [prod.Beats by the Pound]
14. Take IT Off [prod. Pimp C]
15. Ex-Friends [prod. N.O. Joe & Mike Dean]
16. Million Miles Away [Outkast & Earthtone Ideas]
17. S.N.A.S. [prod. Young Mcfly]*

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