@IAmPrettyRed Leaves Her Kids In Parking Lot ALONE To Go To @LilTunechi Concert?!

Brittany harris leave kids in car during Lil Wayne Concert (iBlog126.com - Miami Hip Hop, Music, Fashion, News, Entertainment, Gossip)

How the hell do you leave your kids unattended in a car in a parking lot full of Lil Wayne fans to go see his concert?! First of all, if a baby sitter didn’t fall through, you’re a mom. Stay the fuxx at home. On top of that, you live in South Florida (basically). Lil Wayne parties in Miami all of the damn time, lady. She was arrested last night in West Palm Beach at the Cruzan amphitheater. If an employee hadn’t see the five and three year olds in the car and called the police, lord knows what could have happened to those poor kids just because their dumb ass mother wanted to see Lil Wayne in a concert. Checked out her twitter profile. It says she’s a model. Hope she doesn’t practice leaving her kids in the car for auditions. SMH. Brittany Harris’ (yes, that’s the unfit mother’s name) tweets stopped 1 day ago also. (Source.)

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  • nobasics

    if you go to @balleralert you’ll see she wasn’t there for wayne she was there for TI and Tiny….there are pics of the texts

    • Jada La Faye Roberts

      like that fuckin matters.