How Rick Ross Built The Maybach Music Empire Using The Net

Saw this @RickyRozay article on the @NYTimes: “In the Hip-Hop World, Blogs Mean Business’.  Pretty interesting read considering the fact that so many people have some many misconceptions about blogs and bloggers. Some people love blogs. Some people hate them. See how the internet (blogs, twitter, etc) helped build Ross’ Maybach Music Group, one of the largest and fast growing independent record labels out now:

The old friends are from the neighborhood: Mr. Ross’s first crew was Triple C’s, or Carol City Cartel, named after the rough neighborhood north of Miami that Mr. Ross and the other members — Gunplay, Young Breed, Torch — called home.

Where did Mr. Ross meet his new friends, the members of Maybach Music Group? It’s 2011: he met them on the Internet.

Well, maybe that’s not where he met them, but it’s where they’re from, more or less, where they’ve achieved their greatest notoriety outside their hometowns. The new crew members — Pill, Meek Mill, Wale, among others — with heavy presences on hip-hop blogs, exemplify the modern way of getting attention.

Judging by the composition of Maybach Music Group, the speed with which it was assembled and the subsequent speed with which its album was released, it’s hard not to think that Mr. Ross used rap blogs as a scouting tool, as a virtual farm team, and also as an inspiration. The group’s rollout shows no fear of the Internet as a distribution platform or as a cannibalizer of sales: about half of the songs on “Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made, Vol. 1” (Maybach Music Group/Warner Brothers) were made available online in the weeks before the album’s release.

Read the rest at The New York Times website HERE.


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