Denver Nugget’s Jr Smith Arrested On South Beach

@JC_SwiSH5. The Miami Beach police aren’t fans of Denver Nugget player Junior Smith’s behavior obviously. He was seen arrested last night on South Beach for reasons unknown. Bar fight, indecent exposure, disturbing the peace? Who knows. He was fined $250K back in February for a flagrant 2 foul against Raja Bell of the Utah Jazz. Looks like Memorial Day Weekend might have ended early for him. You know Miami Beach police sometimes doesn’t let people out until AFTER Memorial Day Weekend is over.

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  • aj

    nigga that aint jr smith you moron that doesnt even look like him

  • austin

    Ya it does hes 6’6 and tht is him and its retarted tht he got arrested for driving a schooter.A schooter cant do any harm to any one!!!JR SWISH rocks!$!$!$ GO NUGGETS

  • Josh

    lol for riding a scooter haha i should try that see if i get arrested lol hahaha