Behind The Scenes of @MsJoseline’s @RollingOut Cover shoot

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez on the cover of ROlling Out Magazine

Like many Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ viewers, in the beginning I just wrote off Joseline Hernandez (the Puerto Rican princess) as a ratchet who found a place in the world to be seen. Now I kind of see it differently. I was just sitting here thinking about how all of us are who we are because of our surroundings and our life story. Everybody acts differently because each and every one of us has a different story and live events. How your life goes molds you into the person you become as you grow up. Look at the details on Joseline growing up: no decent role models, stripping from a young age, and coming from the mean streets in Puerto Rico. What do you expect? Could she do better? Of course, and I think she (however slow) is. Seeing her on the show, I do see her growing and maturing.  Look at it on the bright side. Despite all of those crazy circumstances in life, she found her way to be on a reality tv show where she makes money without stripping at a strip club. Even her relationship with Stevie, I understand when I sit back and think of how she grew up. Even Stevie J said that back when he was dating Eve, Mimi was the baby Joseline of that relationship. So I guess there’s some kind of hope? Am I a fan of her music? Eh. Not even in the slightest but if that’s what she wants to do, people like her, and she’s happy with herself, I can’t be mad at her. Coming from where she is, I can see how she’s living now is like the ultimate dream come true for a girl like her. ANYWAY, check out the behind the scenes footage of Joseline shooting for the cover of Rolling Out Magazine[/youtue]

P.S. Have you seen the things Joseline can do with her ass?!

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