Basketball Wives LA Finale

The hot mess that we can’t stop watching called Basketball Wives LA. The season is finally over and I’m still puzzled over why grown women would act like this. Well, here’s the rundown:

Jackie is still crazy. The only people that probably don’t believe so are her husband and herself. Her heart is pure and she has faith. *Rolls Eyes* She just LOOOOOOVES to revisit the past about the girls with anybody who would give her a listen…so much that she’s writing a book about it.

Kimsha was the only smart WIFE that seemed to have sense and actually acted like a grown woman.

Gloria needs space and time away from Matt. I guess when you have such a high profile relationship, you just might lose yourself following behind the celebrity in the relationship.  Her life has been all about Matt since she was twenty so she hasn’t had the chance to really grow as a person.  Five years, two kids, and she wants space.  Sometimes when men realize that they want to settle down it’s too late. Sometimes women just need time to find themselves again.

Laura kind of has some sense and is moving to Orlando. I can’t be mad at her for wanting it to work out with her fiance, especially because she has kids with him. You can tell that she’s really happy.

Draya is just funny. I think it’s her facial expressions. They’re priceless.

Malaysia and Imani are just…. there.

Can’t wait for the reunion next week! :)

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